EcoDose Fertigation Pump Range

EcoDose positive displacement plunger pumps with variable speed Brushless DC Motor Technology, give you precise control of your fertiliser injection rate. Ceramic plungers, which are extremely resistant to damage, are used through the entire range to ensure long-life performance and compatibility with liquid fertilisers. EcoDose Fertigation pumps are designed and manufactured in Australia for the toughest conditions, so you can rely on them to work every time.

Accessing the pump’s precise dosing capabilities is easy with our range of controllers. Simply dial up the flow you want (LPH / GPH / custom measure) and it will immediately adjust the speed of the pump, even when the system is running. Digital displays ensure you always know your flow rate.

Selection Tip: To give you the greatest flexibility, we recommend choosing a pump size where your required flow rate sits in the middle of the pump’s range (0- Max. LPH/GPH). If you need help correctly sizing your pump, try our pump selector tool or just call us on (Australia) 07 3103 5199 / (USA) 817.368.8615 or send us a message here.