Reef Alliance Offers Subsidy on Fertigation Equipment for Horticultural Growers

Reef Alliance EcoDose Fertigation Equipment

Fertigation equipment is included in a financial incentive scheme offered through Growcom as part of the Reef Alliance program. For those growers with properties in the Bowen Burdekin; Burnett Mary & Fitzroy catchment areas, a 40% subsidy (up to $2000 ex gst) is available to approved applicants.

The Reef Alliance aims to improve sediment, nutrient and pesticide management on farms within the Great Barrier Reef catchment areas. For more details on the program click here.


Fertigation is the delivery of readily available nutrients and conditioners to crops via irrigations systems to maximise yield. The advantages of fertigation over conventional applications are well documented and include:

  • Increased nutrient absorption by plants
  • Reduced fertiliser loss and leaching to the water table
  • Reduced water usage due to the plant’s increased root mass
  • The ability to apply nutrients at the precise time required and at a controlled rate

All of which leads to reduced fertiliser usage. Additionally, there are significant benefits associated with reduced time and labour spent on fertiliser application/crop spraying.

Visit the Growcom site to access the online application (you need to scroll down the page to find the form). We can provide you a quote for fertigation equipment for your farm to include in the submission. Email us here or call us today on 07 3103 5199. Prices start from as little as $2,800.


EcoDose fertigation pumps deliver highly accurate variable injection rate control and are compact, lightweight and extremely easy to install and use. EcoDose pumps are designed and manufactured in Australia and our Brisbane-based factory can customise systems to your specific requirements.
Standard units accommodate flows up to 560 LPH at line pressures of up to 100 PSI and are available in 3 Phase, single Phase, Solar and other DC input versions. All EcoDose units allow you to easily set flows in LPH (or other metrics as requested) whilst the pump is in operation and are housed in a protective enclosure as standard.

Prices start from as little as $2,800.

EcoDose Fertigation Systems are portable via your tractor and are designed to get you up and running with all the equipment and features you need, as standard.

  • Pump/Controller Unit
  • SiA Solar Pack – Solar Panels and Batteries (for solar systems)
  • Heavy duty frame assembly
  • Suction strainer – to filter out any impurities from the tank
  • Relief valves – for safety
  • Mounted tank (optional)
  • Bund (optional)

To see our range of fertigation pumps click here